NEW M3RC Board of Directors!

As you may recall, an open call for nominations for M3RC board members went out last month. These people have answered that call and have agreed to serve in our members best interest while directing the future of our great club. A formal vote was not taken as there was only one person per designated position.
M3RC Members welcome the new Board of Directors.
President Tara Crower
Vice President: Matthew Smith
Treasurer: Heather Evitts Frazier
Secretary and Social Directors: Tammy Taylor SanMiguel Lynn Sauve
Activities Director and Media Relations: Matt Frazier
Webmaster: Andrew Andrew Koehlinger
Craig Elford will continue to serve as Director (at large) while focusing on the development of the M3Kids program.
Regardless of the title above, each board member’s vote and voice is equal and with so many talented and encouraging members on this board we are sure to have continued success!